Pop & Pom Club

Becoming a member of the Pop & Pom Club is super easy, there are three levels to our membership and each one is better than the last!

The Pop & Pom Club is perfect if you always have to have fresh flowers or it makes a great gift for the flower lover in your life. There are three levels to our membership, The first is our Dainty package and it includes a one month subscription to weekly deliveries. Our second is the Lovely and you'll be signed up for three months of weekly flower arrangements. And the last is our Opulent membership which consists of six whole months of fresh flowers brought right to your door!

All three Pop & Pom Club memberships come with free delivery/ removal of the previous arrangement and your choice of size and color palette. The sizes of our arrangements go up in scale from Dainty (65), Lovely (85), Opulent (105), and Lavish (130+). The four color options include soft whites with touches of pale pastels, vibrant and bright sunset tones, romantic and saturated purples and plums, and (our personal favorite) designer's choice!
If you're interested in becoming a Pop & Pom Member, please email us at poppy.pomegranate@gmail.com.
Note: We are more than happy to work within your budget, style, and schedule, let us know how we can make this work for you!